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Tell me why I don't like Monday's

17 April 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: RJ Cerasoli
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How has your week been? If it’s been rubbish, we know how you feel. We’ve had many tough weeks ourselves. But do you feel like this every Friday? If so, this is for you.

Do you flee from work, crash land into the weekend and then spend most of it dreading Monday morning? It can be a horrible existence if that is the case. Why can we feel this way? In sales it could be down to many things. We aren’t selling enough, we dread speaking to some of our main customers, we can’t seem to get organised, parts of the business world seem confusing or intimidating, we take rejection personally, or many other joy-killers.

Some people always seem to have a fun-packed weekend and arrive fresh and full of purpose on Monday morning. What’s the difference?

Let’s get one thing straight. Sales is tough. Don’t be fooled by all of those “Top 10 sales tips to win big business” articles. It takes more than bullet-pointed sound bites to master this profession. Why do you think the sales world is full of quotes and analogies from leading athletes, world leaders and spiritual giants? Often it is because you need to dig just as deep to produce the same mindset, even to turn up for work.

The difference is, some people have learned a correct sales process and some have not.

Because they follow that process, they have more control over what happens in their territory and are more ready to respond to changes that need addressing. They have more control; therefore they have less stress and worry to contend with.

It is less about natural talent or personality, and more about understanding that we can be responsible for learning how to do things better. Take any problem in your sales role and there will be a sales process to fix it.

If you look at the list below, any one of these topics will solve nearly any problem in sales. If you were to note down what you dread most in your role and then match it to a gap in your knowledge, you would be able to find a solution from one of these modules.

How to close sales better

Being organised with better time-management

Working well with a strong team

Selling right and with a goodconscience

How to get product, service or sector knowledge

Negotiating confidently

Writing and presenting proposals with skill

How to understand business organisations better

How to be an expert in market knowledge

Staying on top with CPD (continuous personal development)

Becoming an expert at gathering intelligence

Getting ahead with proactivity

Creating a world-class experience for your customers

Everything you need to know about digital sales

How to keep going with resilience and self-motivation

Fully understanding your customer’s needs

Efficient and stress-free sales planning and preparation

Enjoy speaking to your customers with great customer engagement

Knowing how to handle each contact with in-depth customer knowledge

Know your numbers with strong commercial and financial acumen

Remove techno-fear by improving your digital skills

And yes, modules is the right word because that is exactly what they are, modules that lead to a qualification that was never available to our profession before.

We help our members find the resources to get accredited sales qualifications that are nationally recognised. Even if you don’t want to go down that route, we can help you learn the meaningful stuff that will boost your skills. You will know exactly what you need to do and how to do it. This will take the lion’s share of the panic and stress out of your sales life. We explain the steps to take advantage of this learning here: So give it a click and give us a call.

So imagine it. You close down on a Friday and enjoy a satisfied sigh. You know you could not have done any better this week. You have confidence that whatever next week throws at you, you have got the understanding and skills to deal with it. In fact, you can’t wait for next week to begin because you have some new skills you want to try out, as they have the potential to make your sales process much easier. You close the office door and head off home. What’s more, it looks like barbecue weather so buy some burgers and get the gang round. Monday? Bring it on!