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APS backs new training programmes – see what’s on offer

26 February 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Adam Harding
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Strategy to Revenue, the award-winning sales enablement consultancy, has teamed up with the Association of Professional Sales to launch eight sales training programmes designed to help organisations improve their selling power.

Strategy to Revenue’s COO, Mark Savinson explains why APS accreditation is so important.

Q: Can you explain what the programmes are and why they might be of value to APS members?

Mark: In a nutshell, APS approved sales and sales leadership training programmes are designed to make it easy for companies to improve their sales outcomes.

We’ve taken our experience of working with some of the most recognisable brands in the world on their sales improvement journeys and packaged that into eight off-the-shelf sales and sales leadership training programmes. Each programme is a blended learning approach so they combine e-learning, work-based activities and workshops. They are endorsed by the APS, and come with a sales certification award.

Q: What do participants gain from one of your programmes?

Mark: All-in-all it’s a pretty comprehensive list of benefits. Sales leaders get the obvious sales process and performance improvements, while companies get the peace of mind of knowing that they are investing in sales enablement training that is independently checked and approved by the APS. Plus, sales teams gain a comprehensive training in the fundamental of sales and sales management. Successful delegates earn a Certificate Award and get a first year APS membership as part of the programme.

Q: What is the benefit of an APS endorsement?

Mark: Undoubtedly, it is a mark of quality. It is reassurance that you are investing in an independently validated programme. We are particularly keen to work with the APS since we recognise the value of achieving chartered status for the sales profession.

Of course, a fundamental component of that is creating an industry standard and we felt we could add value here; helping sales leaders and their teams gain certification that will mark them as qualified sales professionals and improve the sales outcomes for the companies that invest in their teams.

Q: How long does one of your programmes take?

Mark: Depending on the programme, between 4-12 weeks. That said, there is an element of self-paced learning in each programme so it is up to the individual.

The 4-12 weeks covers the time for self-directed learning, work-based activities and the facilitated workshop. We also give each person access to SKILLBuild, our award-winning online learning library for 12 months. This means they can re-visit key elements of the programme and help ensure the learning really sticks and becomes habitual and engrained in their day-to-day sales motion.

Q: Which programme would you recommend APS members look at first?

Mark: Our Excellence in Sales Leader coaching is designed to help sales leaders make the move from sales pro to sales leader. There are fundamentally different skills involved and as a profession we often overlook that.

In contrast the Success in Telephone Selling provides a comprehensive overview of the key skills many people need when they’re starting out in sales, and which lots of us could do with a refresher-course in.

Success in Winning New Business is very popular with companies whose sales teams are relying too heavily on existing customers to build pipeline. It is a short but intensive reminder of how to engage with new prospects and produces great results.

In short, I’d say take a look at them all and see which one best fits your current sales challenges. Or, get in touch and speak to the team who’ll happily help you identify which programme will best address your business challenges.

Click here to see the APS-endorsed Strategy to Revenue sales and sales leadership training programmes.