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Oracle technology corporation wins key sales award

12 October 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Adam Harding
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Oracle, the enterprise cloud computing company, has been recognised by the Association of Professional Sales (APS) for their impressive commitment to ethical selling.

The sales team at Oracle in the UK have gained the distinguished, APS Investor in Sales award after passing our ethical sales assessment to achieve professional, registered status.

More than 50 per cent of a sales force is required to pass the testing assessment to achieve our Investor in Sales status. The APS is delighted to say that more than two-thirds of the sales team at Oracle have gained this important professional registration.

Oracle is predominately a cloud software business, providing enterprise applications and data in the cloud for business people, and a cloud-based development platform and cloud-based hardware to run both Oracle and non-Oracle systems for IT people. The organisation invests heavily in making sure their salespeople have very high levels of product knowledge and sales skills so they can prescribe the right solution for every client at the appropriate stage of their evolution.

Andrew Hough, APS CEO, said: ” This award is the perfect reflection of Oracle’s commitment to its customers. I would like to praise the hard work and dedication of the salespeople at Oracle for this important achievement.

“The award demonstrates that Oracle have put professionalism at the heart of their operation. Building strong and sustainable, relationships with their customers is key to Oracle’s success.”

Steve Elsham, Senior Director, CX Applications at Oracle commented: “We aim to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, not just through our products but by the value we deliver, and that can only be achieved on a foundation of trust.

“That trust is earned only when our clients see that we behave in a trustworthy manner, not just because we say we are trustworthy.

 “Trust starts with our attitudes that then drive our behaviours. We have taken the deliberate decision to set our attitude that we will adhere to the highest ethical standards in our industry. In doing so we have taught our people about ethics and have then assessed them.

“The verifiable, auditable, accreditation process, set out by the Association of Professional Sales, demonstrates to our clients that we are serious about ethical selling and our sales staff adhere to a set of ethical selling practices.”

Steve concluded: “We’re also ensuring our sales reps and sales leaders develop a broader set of sales competencies which the APS is providing for them.

“Those with a growth mindset are able to tap into both a library of content, but also engage with peers in other organisations to improve their skills and ensure we deliver the highest quality customer experience during and after the sales process.”

Background video: Oracle’s Steven Elsham talks to the APS