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A-Z of top companies join APS sales revolution

09 July 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Adam Harding
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Our campaign to revolutionise the sales industry is gathering pace with a broad range of first-class companies joining the Association of Professional Sales (APS).

Thanks to a series of well-supported initiatives and an impressive network of sales leaders, we are helping to develop a skilled, diverse, and ethical sales force that is fit for Brexit and beyond.

Companies and individual members tell us that the APS is delivering great benefits which are giving them a tangible, competitive edge.

Our A-Z of members includes companies from Adobe, ADP and AIG Life through to Xerox and Zscaler

Click here for a list of companies represented across our membership, from those who are relatively new to sales, to well-established senior sales leaders and CEOs.

The APS is working hard on a series of initiatives to support professional salespeople, including:

:: Building relationships with MPs at Westminster to help them shape government policy and with it, the UK’s ability to build strong profitable businesses based on high-quality, ethical sales partnerships.

:: At an individual level, more APS members are taking our professional registration exam and signing up to the APS code of conduct.

:: For salespeople of the future, we are developing degree-level B2B sales apprenticeships.

:: And for the global sales community, we are building relationships in Asia and recently opened our Asia branch based in Singapore.

:: Closer to home, the APS is campaigning for royal chartered status for our members. Once established, this means that like accountants, surveyors and other leading professionals, salespeople will have the chance to become members of a chartered institute which will demonstrate their commitment to ethical, professional sales.

:: Members can already use their APS accreditation and the APS logo on their email signatures, LinkedIn accounts and other business documents to stand out from the competition.

:: Our members also get access to a host of APS events and are welcomed into a network of sales leaders from across the industry.

:: And a fast-growing number of salespeople say their partnership with the APS is changing their business for the better. This is what they tell us:

“The APS logo is on the front page of every presentation we do. It gives us a platform to show we are part of a professional sales organisation. For the customer, it means they are dealing with a dependable partner. It’s an ethical standard backed up by an independent accreditation and it’s refreshing that the APS is moving towards chartered status.”
Ben Gaston, Toshiba Tec

“The support we get from the APS is second to none. We advertise our partnership with the APS as an integral part of the ethics we stand for. The impact has been huge. It’s part and parcel of what we do. It’s become the way of life for us.”
Craig Spencer, Neopost

“We thoroughly believe in all the benefits we get from the APS. In a closing meeting for a significant new business win where, as yet, I really don’t exist in that market, we were up against the biggest gorillas and we beat them. Most importantly, we are accredited through exam conditions for ethics and best practice. The APS is brilliant. Well done.”
Andrew McIntyre, Ideagen