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APS launches two powerful free tools to improve customer experience

15 June 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Adam Harding
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 The Association of Professional Sales is launching two powerful, free tools to help our members give their customers the best possible sales experience.

In future all APS members, corporate and individual, will have free access to a pioneering new method of measuring whether customers were happy with the sale process. Sales professionals will also be able to set up secure virtual meeting rooms, where they can talk to their clients and stakeholders in privacy about an individual deal, and safely exchange and store key data.

The Sales Experience Metric is thanks to a pioneering link up with the sales research company Riddle Box, while the virtual client contact space is being provided courtesy of Client Share.

Andrew Hough, the chief executive of the APS, announced the new tools at the APS’s Conference 2017, Conversations That Win, at the Mermaid Theatre in London’s Blackfriars.

“This is one of the many ways the APS shows it is on the side of its members, helping you to provide extra value to your customers,” said Mr Hough.

Customer experience is key

Client experience is vital to a sale. Research has shown that more than half of a customer’s impulse to buy – 53 per cent – is determined by the quality of their experience at the point of sale.

Until now, however, there has no real way of measuring that experience.

Riddle Box has been working for two years to develop its metric, capable of gauging the experience on both sides of the salesperson/customer interaction. It is fully tested and already in use commercially with the Hilton hotels group.

The software has clear benefits for the salesperson, as it allows them to demonstrate and prove that they are providing a top quality sales experience.

This will help them to reassure customers, to burnish their reputation in the eyes of their manager, and to differentiate themselves when applying to future employers.

It is also an important tool for sales managers to monitor how well sales are going.

“For business, it’s a brilliant way to identify and safeguard revenue at risk, and to pinpoint good practice  in their sales team, which they can benchmark and use with their other team members to show what good looks like,” explained Mr Hough.

Riddle Box’s research shows that if salespeople are scoring below 50% on the Sales Experience Metric, then company revenue is or soon will be at risk.

By contrast, salespeople who score more than 75% on the Sales Experience Metric will be receive a certificate from the APS for Excellence in Experience.

B2B Customer Experience Management

Client Share aims to improve the relationship between buyers and sellers through private digital communities for client collaboration.

APS members will benefit from the power to set up private communities dedicated to one client, one corporate, or one deal.

Creating a community around your client will bring your business relationship to life, allowing you a dedicated space to share information, and manage feedback & reviews.

Buyers can access everything they need to know in one digital, interactive experience, and can easily invite colleagues.

“With customer experience dictating growth and retention, it’s time for B2B firms to bring relationship management into the digital age,” said James Ward, managing director of Client Share. “We’re passionate about helping improve the relationship between buyers and sellers, as we know that improvement leads to better results for buyers, and helps sellers retain and grow contracts.”

Client Share gives unique insight to account teams about their customer, enabling sellers to have their finger on the pulse of all facets of a business relationship. Sellers can get a better idea of the strength of their business relationship measuring NPS, size of community and customer engagement.

Depending on their level of APS membership, sellers will get varying degrees of access to the full functionality of Client Share.