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Pay360 by Capita wins ethical selling award

27 February 2020  
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Thursday 27 February 2020

Congratulations to the sales team at Pay360 by Capita who have gained the coveted APS Investor in Sales award for their commitment to their customers through ethical selling.

For a sales team to be granted Investor in Sales status, more than 50 percent need to pass the exacting Association of Professional Sales (APS) professional registration assessment.

The APS award underlines the professional development of Pay360 by Capita's hardworking sales staff who are building their skills, knowledge and behaviour to give their clients a high quality buying experience.

Working with the Association of Professional Sales, Pay360 is establishing a strong programme of continuing professional development.

Graham Smith, APS Head of Corporate success said: "We are delighted that the sales team at Pay360 is working with the APS to develop their knowledge and sales skills to foster strong relationships with their clients.

"By providing qualifications, improving skills, and upholding ethical standards, people working in sales, in partnership with the APS, are now capable of becoming recognised professionals like accountants, lawyers and architects, with accredited titles and a structure of continuous professional development.

"Building a proficient sales team will bring significant benefits for Pay360 and their customers.

"Salespeople who are encouraged to improve their expertise and develop their careers feel valued and secure which is good for company cohesion and profits. Loyalty avoids the costly and time-consuming turnover of staff and helps build the bottom line.

"We believe well-trained sales professionals can empower, not just their sales team, but a whole business culture."

Martin Smith, Sales Director at Pay360 said: "The APS is really important to the development of a great sales team here at Pay360.

"Having a qualification-based career path allows our salespeople to build externally recognised, professional accreditation which shows their professional standing. This is good for their personal development and helps to forge lasting relationships with our customers who recognise that they are dealing with skilled, professional salespeople.

"Working with the Association of Professional Sales also gives our organisation access to an important network of experienced sales leaders to help tackle challenges and solve problems.

"We are looking forward to a long and growing relationship with the APS to raise the status of professional selling."

About APS professional registration:

 During the APS professional registration assessment, each candidate is asked 40 questions about ethical, selling dilemmas. The questions relate to the anti-bribery act and common work-based scenarios that a seller might have faced in the past or could do in their future sales career. The test assesses a candidate’s ability to do the right thing for their customers and act in a consistent and ethical manner.

The test questions were formulated in partnership with university academics and the founding sales leaders of the APS to ensure relevance and rigour. This is not a ‘tick-box’ compliance exercise; candidates need to score at least 65% to pass.

About the APS:

 The Association of Professional Sales is the leading authority for salespeople, a not-for-profit organisation reinvesting in the sales profession to build standards, trust and education. The APS is engaged with MPs to promote ethical, professional selling across UK businesses and has worked with the government, business leaders and academics to establish sales apprenticeships up to degree and master’s level. We are also campaigning for chartered status to give skilled, ethical salespeople the same recognition as other professions like accountants, architects, and engineers.

About Pay360 by Capita:

Pay360 provides the latest payments, fraud and optimisation technology to help global private and public sector markets increase revenue and improve customer experience.

Pay360’s sales team receives ethical selling award