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Making your remote presentations memorable

29 April 2020   (0 Comments)
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Wednesday 29 April 2020


How do you grab the attention of a customer when they are not in the same room and your sales presentation has to take place remotely?

Covid-19 has thrown up new challenges for sellers; but in a webinar hosted by the Association of Professional Sales, neuroscientist Dr Carmen Simon from Corporate Visions was able to provide some answers.

At the best of times, after two days people remember only 10% of what they have been told - so be clear about the 10% you want them to remember, then make sure it comes to the top of their brain.

To do that, Dr Simon advised:

- focus on a single key message, with no more than three or four sub-points;
- control where they look on the screen, using colour, text size and animations;
- prime their brain to remember by building up to your big points;
- make sure your message is easy to remember, because their brain will recall it in a warmer light.

Dr Simon's presentation was part of the APS series of webinars to keep sellers safe and selling through the Covid-19 crisis.

Our next presentation, “To sell is still human – and so is leadership” is tomorrow, Thursday, 30 April, at 9am.

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