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Creating a culture where people thrive

10 June 2020  
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Wednesday 10 June 2020

One third of employers are reporting a rise in mental health issues among young people starting their careers, according to a survey highlighted at this morning’s APS webinar on developing a happier more productive workplace.

The survey of 711 corporate and SME employers also revealed a 40% increase in absence or sickness, with 26% reporting lower productivity because of mental health issues.

The research was conducted by coaching company Gen.Healthy Minds, working with the Open University to support apprentices and graduates stay healthy, happy and perform to a high level in the work environment.

Mike Thompson from Gen. Health Minds who presented this morning’s webinar told sales professionals about his work to encourage a growth mindset, training our brains to be more positive to help us rise to challenges and be happier at work and home.

Although his work focuses on younger employees starting their careers the lessons are valuable for all: building resilience, taking time off to recover if you do a stressful job like selling, and using mindfulness to understand your thought process.

And Thompson said workplaces needed the right pieces of the jigsaw in place to help people thrive. These included:
1 Creating a supportive community, where people really understand mental health and wellbeing
2 Developing positive behaviours
3 Providing online advice/support to help people deal with difficult challenges in workplace can get support
4 Making sure specialist care is available when needed

Gen. Healthy Minds also provides 24/7 digital support, with emoquo an award-winning digital coaching app which provides private and personal support. Although the app is confidential, it gives employers an overall, anonymous picture of how their workforce is feeling and prompts them to intervene when necessary.

The webinar called Creating a Culture Where People Thrive is part of the APS series from “Lockdown to Looking Forward”. These online masterclasses are free to everyone across professional sales.

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