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Webinar: Lockdown to Looking Forward: Why optimism is the secret ingredient to sales recovery and well-being

13 August 2020: 9.00 am - 9.35 am BST

The most successful sales teams - post-COVID - will be those who practice optimism. In fact optimistic sales people can outperform others by up to 80%. Even those with greater motivation or greater ability for sales.

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Webinar: Lockdown to Looking Forward: Coaching in the New Normal

20 August 2020: 9.00 am - 9.35 am BST

The world around us has changed dramatically for us all, both personally and professionally. This means we are required to adapt and adjust more now than ever to our new normal. In our challenging economy and shifting business landscape there will be winners and losers. Those who adapt the fastest will be in the best position to reboot and thrive. Coaching has never been so important to support this transition.

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Webinar: Lockdown to Looking Forward: Key Account Management

27 August 2020: 9.00 am - 9.35 am BST

For many companies, a large percentage of their revenue and profits are coming from fewer and fewer major customers. The potential rewards of this approach are high, but so too is the risk of losing a large account. So for marketing and sales alike, it’s vital that a successful approach to customer relationships is adopted.

Professor McDonald is respected as the world leader in key account management, working with the biggest and best companies in the world in developing their key account strategies. Professor McDonald will demonstrate how to become excellent in your dealings with powerful customers, as well as how to maximise your profits from these relationships.

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Constant Customer Centric Change (C4) - Organisation

Date TBC

It is often frustrating that cultures develop which results in negative impacts on employees including sellers. It is often said that "culture eats strategy for breakfast", and whilst a little Hollywood it is true.

In this part of the learning journey and C4 program, we discuss leaders roles in change definitions, testing of the possibility of success, and most importantly at what level it can be impacted. If the corporation won't change, can you impact change in your division or team, without creating friction?

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Constant Customer Centric Change (C4) - Sales

Date TBC

The internet is full of articles on the traits required in the future seller, everyone has a view, well every sales trainer and pundit have a view, mainly based on what they can sell companies in achieving that vision.

In this section of the journey, we will encourage the delegates to place themselves in their buyer's shoes and walk a mile. Its possibly easier than we think but requires reflection, as we are all buyers, if only in the sense of being a consumer. We can certainly inject our personal experiences and consider the impacts of consumerism on business buyers.

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Constant Customer Centric Change (C4) - Customer

20 November 2020: TowerBridge Walkway, London, SE1 2UP: 10.30 – 12.30 GMT

The theory of gathering around a whiteboard or a piece of paper and working through the problem identification, defining the consequences of all possible reactions to the current situation, is recognized but very seldom exercised.

How do you create permissions in organizations to allow people to acquire these skills, practice, fail, re-evaluate and reflect and then use again?

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