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APS Membership

Corporate Membership

Develop your sales team with APS corporate membership. We work with leading companies to encourage sales excellence, ongoing learning, professionalism and ethics in sales.

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Individual Members

Build your selling skills, reputation and network by joining the APS. Use your membership to show your professionalism to customers and raise your professional profile

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APS Advisory Service

Develop your sales strategy with our advisory service, working with our approved RiiSE methadology and experts in sales transformation.

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Continuous Professional Development

Sales Professionals keep their sales skills up to date through continuous professional development with the APS, achieving APS Certified Sales Professional status

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Meet our Corporate Members

The Association of Professional Sales is proud to work with a diverse range of companies who share our values and recognise the vital role of ethical, professional selling.

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About the APS

The Association of Professional Sales is the leading authority for salespeople, a not-for-profit organisation reinvesting in the sales profession to build standards, trust and education.

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Want to know more about membership?

The APS is professionalising the sales sector. By providing qualifications, professional membership, lettered accreditations and upholding standards of ethical selling, sales people can for the first-time progress along a structured career path, with the same level of skill, trust and career prospects as other established professions.

For sales lead companies this means a significant step change in sales effectiveness, calibre of sales employee, engagement in skills & behaviour improvement and reduced cost of sale.

For the sales professional this means a clear long, qualification led career path that rewards them in more ways than just this year’s bonus.

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