Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision..

To create a chartered profession where every salesperson can gain qualifications and professional development, bringing sales into parity with other respected professions.

Our mission..

To uphold ethical selling and provide qualifications, professional registration and lettered accreditations, so salespeople can develop the skills, knowledge and behaviour to be expert businesspeople.

A first for the sales profession..

Now, salespeople can progress along a structured path, improving their career prospects, acquiring skills, and earning trust like other established professions.

For sales-led companies, this investment in the skills, knowledge and behaviour of your salespeople will transform the way you do business. Your cost of sale will be lower, and your skilled, professional sellers will form strong, profitable business relationships with your customers.

For sales professionals, our qualification-led career path offers professional accreditation and recognition. You will have access to a network of experienced sales leaders and membership of an influential association working with MPs and government to raise the status of professional sales.


The Association of Professional Sales, a not-for-profit organisation was built out of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), led by a group of like-minded sales leaders with a vision of bringing sales into parity with other professions.

The APS is now the leading, international professional body for sales. We offer membership, internationally recognised qualifications and a world-leading continuous professional development platform (CPD platform). We provide sales advice and support to some of the biggest organisations in the world.

The APS has already changed the landscape in terms of what it is to be a professional salesperson. We have helped create the first, government levy-funded sales apprenticeships and the first All Party Parliamentary Group for Professional Sales.

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